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Pincetti Francisca Birthday Party

Number of photos 400, 3 min video.

On September 2nd, 2023. Francisca had her 18th year birthday at a country club in Temuco. Personally, I already knew some of the attending guest from before because I already had done some photoshoots for them. As usual, everybody, every single guest were so welcoming and so willing to pose for photos.

I am so happy that Francisca picked me as a photographer in such an important date.

Cumpleaños Francisca Pincetti

Fotos 400,  video 3 min.

El 02 de Septiembre de 2023 Francisca celebró sus 18 años en country club Temuco. Personalmente ya conocía a algunos de los invitados ya que he hecho fotos para algunos de ellos en sus fiestas. Como siempre, el grupo, sus invitados, con una gran disposicion y entusiasmo para las fotos!

Estoy muy feliz que Francisca me haya elegido como su Fotógrafo en una fecha tan importante.

Despedida Nico & Clau. (James Lind)        04/08/23, Temuco. Foto & Video

Cumpleaños Martina Stuardo Fourcade. 
Country Club Temuco 26/05/23 
El viernes 26 de Mayo de 2023, hice fotos en el cumple de Martina, fué un gran desafío ya que ella es Fotógrafa también y hace un excelente trabajo!!!, Además, su Abuela sabe mucho de Fotografía, así que era un gran desafío para mí hacer un trabajo que estuviese a la altura. finalmente fue una gratisima experiencia!! Ya que ellas han quedado muy conformes con mi trabajo, además sus invitados, padres y familiares han sido encantadores y con una gran disposición!! Estoy feliz por esto! gracias Martina por elegirme como tu Fotógrafo en esta ocasión tan especial 🙂

Martina Stuardo Fourcade's birthday
Country Club, Temuco, Chile, 26th of May, 2023.
Last Friday 26th of May, I was the photographer for Martina's birthday. It was a great challenge since she actually is a photographer and she is amazing at it. Besides that, her grandmother knows so much about photography also, so, for me I had to live up to the task. Finally, it was an amazing experience since they told me how satisfied they were with my work. Also, every single guest that attended the party, parents and friends were so approachable and delightful.  I am so happy for that. Thank you so much, Martina for choosing me as your photographer on this so special occasion.

        Cumpleaños Emilia. 


El viernes 31/03/23 hice fotos para una fiesta de 18 años. Fue una gran experiencia! Emilia, la festejada encantadora!!! sus invitados y sus padres un encanto!, estoy muy feliz de haber sido el fotógrafo en esta fecha tan importante para Ella, Emilia, te deseo lo mejor, un abrazo, Jean Pierre Boudon

On Friday 31st of March. I did a photoshoot for a 18 year old birthday party. And it was an amazing experience. Emilia was the birthday girl and she was lovely, aswell as her parents and guests. I am very happy that I was there to photograph such an important celebration for her. Emilia, I wish you the best on your life,  hugs, Jean Pierre Boudon

Francisco went to study in USA and his parents decided to organice a farewell party for family and friends at Dreams Casino in Temuco. Before the party, we did a small photo-session in an outside suerrounding and from that session, he picked a photo to be in the invitation card for the farewell party.
It was a real good night. We did a short video with the most important moments from the party. Besides, we included footage the drone recorded inside the building, before and after the party.
Finally, it ended being a very dynamic, different and fun material. I always make every celebration or event a very personalized moment for each and every one of my clients.
I am very happy with the result and my client let me know he was super happy with the photos and videos.
Francisco, I wish you the best on this trip and I really hope this becomes a learning and growing experience for you. I am very glad I was part of this celebration.
Jean Pierre Boudon