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Francisco went to study in USA and his parents decided to organice a farewell party for family and friends at Dreams Casino in Temuco. Before the party, we did a small photo-session in an outside suerrounding and from that session, he picked a photo to be in the invitation card for the farewell party.
It was a real good night. We did a short video with the most important moments from the party. Besides, we included footage the drone recorded inside the building, before and after the party.
Finally, it ended being a very dynamic, different and fun material. I always make every celebration or event a very personalized moment for each and every one of my clients.
I am very happy with the result and my client let me know he was super happy with the photos and videos.
Francisco, I wish you the best on this trip and I really hope this becomes a learning and growing experience for you. I am very glad I was part of this celebration.
Jean Pierre Boudon


Cumple Monica, Dreams Temuco, Agosto 2022

Tomas' dad, Ignacio, contacted me because he wanted to celebrate his son's 15th birthday in a city called Concepción and, obviously, he wanted to portrait this important celebration. The truth is we had an amazing time. I went straight to Tomás' apartment and his dad picked us up on a Hummer truck that he brought from Santiago for this occasion only so Tomás, his friends and I could move around the city. We went to different places to take some pre-birthday party photos and we ended up at The Bio-Bio River Mouth and we took some stunning sunset shots. After that, we went to Espacio Marina where the party and guests were waiting for Tomás to arrive. They had a red carpet prepared, so we took a lot of cool photos of guests walking down the red carpet. The place was incredible, there were two halls, one: only for adults and the second was the main hall for the teenagers only. There was a great and delicious catering, the make-up flour on the guests looked great on the photos. To summarize, the party was marvelous, to say at least. The guests stayed to very late and I think Tomas is going to have an awesome memory of his 15th birthday party and I am glad I was his photographer.

Más que hacer fotos, te invito a vivir una experiencia!! es lo que hicimos en el cumple de Rosario, algo distinto, creativo y diferente, :) Este es su video y algunas fotos.
Imaginas algo así en tu graduación? Buena idea!


15th years old. Sweet fifteen, Rosario.
More than taking photos, I invite you to live an experience :) that is what we did at Rosario's 15th birthday party, something that was different, creative and unique :) these are the photos and the video.

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